Monday, 10 November 2008

BlackBerry Storm 9500 Review

Following the recent success of Apple’s touch screen and multi-functional iPhone, and Google’s own touch screen mobile, the G1 Android Phone, BlackBerry have now introduced their 1st touch screen smartphone, the impressive BlackBerry Storm 9500.

As with all BlackBerry phones, the Storm strongly focuses on its ease of use and efficiency for its business users. The BlackBerry phones are traditionally seen as phones which allow e-mails to be sent and received, and Microsoft Office files to be opened and edited. However, the new BlackBerry offers its user a lot more than that. Its media player utilises iTunes syncing and Roxio Media Manager, along with a handy 1GB memory built-in, so users can set up music playlists for themselves.

The 3.2 Mega Pixel camera takes high quality and sharp pictures, thus encouraging picture and video blogging. In terms of a keyboard, users can choose between 3 different styles. The phone also has other useful functions: GPS, BlackBerry maps, Java, 3.5 mm audio output jack, organizer, calculator, voice dial, built-in-handsfree, and voice memo.

Check out these slides from a Vodafone presentation to get further details on the phone.

However, the Storm does have a major disadvantage in that it doesn’t have WiFi, a factor which may affect its popularity and efficiency.

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