Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The rights to claim reserved .uk domain names ends soon

You may be familiar with and already have domains ending in .UK, such as, and These are run and managed by Nominet.

In 2014 Nominet launched the shorter .uk domain ending and reserved some of the matching .uk domain names for those who already had domains ending in,,,,, or

The reservation period ends on 25th June 2019 - what does this mean to you?

  • If you own a current domain such as then you may have the rights to the matching .uk. Don’t miss out and register it before the deadline.
  • Until 14 June customers can register their reserved .uk name free for one year.
  • To confirm your requirement please email with the domain name you require and we will confirm if you have rights to the domain.

If you do not have a reserved .uk domain but there is one you would like, you can ask us to register the name when it is released providing it is not already registered and is available.

We cannot reserve domain names and all domains are registered on a best endeavours basis and in accordance with Nominet terms and conditions.

If you require advice on domain name registration or hosting please contact us
Telephone: 0161 622 3500 email

Plum Communications is a Nominet Member and Registrar PLUMCOM
Registrations are in accordance with Nominet Rules More Information

You can check domain registration rights with Nominet Check Rights

Please remember to return to PLUM to register any domain names
Initial registration first year is free until 14 June 2019, second year is £10 All prices are plus VAT

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