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Office Open Remote Ready 
17 Sep 2020
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Office Open Remote Ready
Dear Valued Customer,

I do hope that you and your family have been able to stay safe and that you are coping in the current situation.

Some businesses have been closed or unusually quiet whilst others have been working additional hours to manufacture urgently required items or complete national infrastructure contracts.

However you have been affected are you now "office open remote ready"?

We have a free offer to help you assess your readiness.

We have been WFH (working from home) which has also been the new normal for many and it is likely that a new way of working will persist even if there is a mass RTO (return to office).

Wouldn't it be help if you and your staff could work from home as easily as working from the office?

You can spend the working day engaged with video conference calls and it is no surprise that Zoom claim more than 300 million daily meeting participants, Teams 200 Million and Google Meet 100 Million.

But your customers will still telephone you and I guess you would like those customer calls to be answered and dealt with as quickly and efficiently as though you were all working in the office.

Which brings me to our free offer.

We will provide you a free review of your telephony and data service in a written report that will show how remote ready you are. We will explain the action you can take now to enable working remotely and any recommendations for improving efficiency
To request your free review click here.

We will book a 15 minute video conference call or a standard telephone call. During the call you we will be asked a series of structured questions to enable us to produce the report. There will be no need for us to attend your office and there is no charge for the report.

If you have any questions just send an email and I will respond ASAP.

Best Regards

Peter Savic

Peter Savic
Plum Communications Limited
For service please contact us by email or call 01616223500.

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