Friday, 1 July 2016

New Non Geographic Service Charges Introduced

Additional Chargebands for Non Geographic Number Services are being introduced 1 July 2016. These are in addition to the charges introduced 1 July 2015.

Non Geographic numbers are regulated by Pay Phone Plus and include calls to numbers beginning 118, 08 and 09. The numbers are generally allocated to service companies providing services such as Directory Enquiries, Information Services, Entertainment Services and other Value Add Services.

Calls to these numbers are more expensive than calls to landlines (starting 01, and 02) and National Numbers (starting 03).

The Service Provider (who provides the service) must advise the cost of the service in any advertisements and in any publicity for the number.

In addition to the service charge advised by the service provider there is an access charge payable advised by your telephone company (the company who supplied you with telephone service). Consumers must be advised of the access charge by their telephone company but the invoice may consolidate the two elements. Business customers may be advised of a single consolidated charge for the two elements.

The new codes advised are:

Calls charged in pence per minute
SC081 18ppm
SC082 22ppm
SC083 350ppm

Calls charged by set up fee and then pence per minute from start of call
SC084 250ppc + 75ppm
SC085 260ppc + 99ppm
SC086 275ppc + 78ppm

Calls charged by set up fee which includes first 60 seconds then pence per minute
SC087 898ppc + 449ppm
SC088 998ppc + 499ppm
SC089 1198ppc + 599ppm
SC090 1398ppc + 699ppm
SC091 1598ppc + 799ppm
SC092 7ppc + 7ppm
SC093 13ppc + 13ppm
SC094 80ppc + 80ppm
SC095 100ppc + 100ppm
SC096 300ppc + 300ppm
SC097 360ppc + 50ppm
SC098 360ppc + 150ppm
SC099 360ppc + 200ppm
SC100 360ppc + 360ppm 

All prices include VAT
Plus Access Charge as advised by the provider of  your outbound call service
Prices correct at time of publication but may change afterwards
Please check cost of call with the service provider before dialling any number

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