Monday, 12 October 2015

Connected Cities Voucher Scheme Suspended

Just after 5.00pm today 12th October 2015 we received notification that the Connected Vouchers Scheme had been suspended with immediate effect as funds were nearly used.

This means that if you were eligible and have not already submitted your application you have missed the opportunity. Unlike many subsidies this scheme did not require any match funding from the applicant, just a comittment to pay the service rental for at least six months. 

We encouraged many of our customers to apply for the grant, some were not eligible and some chose not to apply but still upgraded. Over the past six months that the scheme has been open in Manchester, Preston, Leeds/Bradford and the Midlands and other cities around the UK we saw a good uptake in customers upgrading to Superfast Broadband.

Customers may still upgrade to Superfast Broadband but the cash incentive to cover the cost of equipment and installation will no longer be available. Upgrading however still makes sense as monthy costs of Fibre to The Cabinet (a frequent technology used by customers upgrading) is not much more than standard ADSL (depending on package and service level chosen).

If you require further information on Superfast Broadband, how to upgrade and what to do with it when you have it please do not hesitate to contact us.

I will leave the final word to one of our customers who upgraded to Fibre to the Cabinet last month: "Please also accept our gratitude for this investment which has massively improved our connectivity and has already provided tangible benefits."

For more information on Superfast Broadband please call:
Plum Communications   Tel: 0161 622 3500 or email:

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