Friday, 16 May 2014

Connection Vouchers Scheme For Faster Broadband

Plum Communications is now registered as a supplier with the new government funded Connection Vouchers Scheme to help UK businesses gain access to faster broadband speeds. The scheme opens the doors to companies who require a faster connection in order to improve their business. Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) is the government agency which manages a range of different broadband funds. It is also the body in charge of the Connection Vouchers scheme which runs up until March 2015.

Advantages Of Faster Broadband

The aim of the scheme is to provide the following kinds of service to businesses, charities and other enterprises in the UK:
  • A stronger ability to work collaboratively on projects with other groups within an organisation or with external organisations
  • The capability to upload and download large multi media files, making user and customer experiences easier and more streamlined
  • The ability to link up separate work sites and remote workers

Does My Business Qualify For The Connection Voucher Scheme?

Each business or organisation will have the chance of receiving the vouchers valued from £250 up to £3000 if they meet the required criteria for eligibility. If you are wondering whether or not your business qualifies for the Connection Vouchers Scheme then have a look below at some of the qualifying conditions. This list is not exhaustive so please speak to a member of the Plum Communications team to find out more information on eligibility.
  • Connections must cost over £200
  • The connection must indicate a step change in connectivity
  • Contract duration must be for at least six months
  • Small to Medium sized Enterprise need to meet the same definition as defined by the European Commission
  • You must be located in a local authority of one of the SuperConnected Cities
  • There are other conditions which also apply, please see guidance from your Local Authority on this as there are different rules for each city

How Do I Begin The Process?

  • Firstly contact Plum Communications for a quotation or estimate and an initial check on whether you may qualify for the scheme
  • You will then need to submit your application and quotation or estimate online
  • If your application is successful and you receive a voucher or conditional offer letter you will place your order with us at Plum Communications
  • You will be responsible for payment of VAT and the invoice amount less the voucher amount and you will send the invoice and claim form to your local authority for payment of the voucher amount
The Connection Voucher will contribute to or cover the initial installation cost. Connection costs in excess of £3000 and ongoing costs are not covered by the grant and your business will have to pay for those. If you are not in a SuperConnected City or do not qualify for a voucher we may be able to offer a reduced price installation by amortising the cost over the duration of the contract.

List of SuperConnected Cities as of 3 June 2014: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford/Leeds, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Derry/Londonderry, Edinburgh, London, Manchester/Salford, Newcastle, Newport, Nottingham, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, York.


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