Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Plum enhance their customer service through WLR3

Plum have improved their customer service offering by adopting WLR3. WLR3 (Wholesale Line Rental 3) is BT Openreach’s latest release of their system for the ordering and fault reporting of line rental services.

Initially the WLR3 service will be restricted to analogue lines and will be used for ordering temporary site lines and non-served premises (premium lines) but over time all lines including digital lines will be moved to the WLR3 service. There is no disruption to service when lines are changed from the existing WLR2 service to the new WLR3 service.

In addition all standard WLR analogue lines ordered and installed before 1 July 2009 will be charged at a special promotional rate of £75 plus VAT. This offer excludes premium lines.

For more information on WLR3 and the services that can be provided please call Plum Communications on 0161 622 3500

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