Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Campaigners Urge Government To Create National Broadband Plan

Pressure is being put on the government to produce a broadband plan for the UK which will position it amongst some of the leading countries, placing digital architecture and mobile communication at the centre of some of their policies.

Broadband campaigners, Digital Business First, have received signatures from businesses who support the concept of a new plan and who believe that a plan will help determine positive economic growth for the country. 

Other Countries Committed To A Digital Plan

The Digital Business First campaigners highlight that other countries are investing heavily and wisely into broadband capabilities, with France and South Korea being two countries which the UK is being compared to. 

France has billions stored for investment in broadband and hopes to have 100 Mbps coverage by 2023, while South Korea began investment into broadband connectivity decades ago which has now allowed the country to be able to plan for 1 Gbps coverage for the vast majority of its population by 2017.

National Broadband Plan

A report written by the organisation contains details of what a National Broadband Plan (NBP) should encompass for the UK, including several clear objectives, including the requirement for a 1000Mbps/1Gbps provision across the country by 2017; the need for a Regulatory Review and also 4G coverage for 98% of the population as well as signal strength of 10Mbps. It also outlines the need for ‘5G’ to be a priority.

Broadband For Businesses

A 2014 report also states that the use of broadband by both individuals and businesses is growing at a rapid rate and that this growth is accelerating. It points out that two leading telecoms companies recorded a 60% annual increase broadband traffic over Christmas 2013 and tens of thousands of customers migrated to a ‘faster’ broadband network during that year. The subject of regional broadband coverage is also raised in the report and specifically the question of whether or not businesses and homes are getting the service they need.

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