Sunday, 14 May 2017

NHS across UK hit by Ransomware attacks

After a weekend when NHS devices across the UK were put out of action by ransomware you will be concerned whether you have adequate protection for your own PCs and data.

Simple steps involve

  1. Making sure that operating system and programs are up to date
  2. Installing suitable anti virus software
  3. Making secure backups of data
If you have procedures in place you may have more steps than this but if you do not have at least all three you should consider whether you have adequate protection. We are not suggesting that you only need the three steps shown, there are other measures that we can also help you with.

The cost of compromised PCs or lost data could be enormous in terms of time, customer loyalty and financial.

For more information on how to make those first steps, or if you have already made them and require more detailed support such as managed firewalls, encrypted backup, cloud storage and disaster recovery contact Plum Communications.

Always here to help.

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