Thursday, 2 April 2020

Cost Reduction 2 April 2020


In these uncertain times you may have reduced or no employees at the office and have adopted home working.

With a likely reduction in income over the coming months, keeping a check on costs or even reducing them is critical.

Here is our suggestion for reducing costs:

Maybe this is already a given with the government advice on none essential travel but consider why you were travelling and whether your work can be carried out remotely via conference call.
Many of our vendors are offering three trials of their video conferencing solutions. The can in many cases be deployed using laptops so everyone can have the capability of holding a video conference.
There is an armoury of tools to help you work from home and our vendors have offered free trials of most our services so you can now implement a 25 seat call centre or telephone system for your home workers at no cost. If you already have a telephone system from us we may be able to provide temporary home working features at no cost.
If you do not take your telephone services from Plum then now is a good time to obtain a quotation for changing to us. We provide a wide range of services and can help you consolidate your billing.
Now is an ideal time to source your gas and electricity supplies as prices are currently low. You can obtain quotes for several years and lock into the current prices. Send us a copy of you latest gas or electricity bill and we can provide you with market quotations.
If you already take services from us check if any are not required or can be hibernated. We are happy to discuss options including reduction of channel quantities or tariff downgrades. If you are considering closing branches speak to us as we can enable smooth transfer of any required telephone numbers. 
If you are paying for hosting or email services elsewhere check what you would pay with Plum. Just contact us with details of your current services and we can supply a comparative quotation.
Tomorrow we will look at how you can keep your data secure and some more free offers.
We are here to help, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.
Tomorrow I will provide ideas of how we can help you to reduce costs.
For service please contact us by email or telephone 01616223500.

Please stay safe.

Peter Savic

Peter Savic
Plum Communications Limited

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